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I'm 32, live in Birmingham, Alabama, have a beautiful son and two pugs, F. Scott Fitzpug and Lolita. I'm a writer for Southern Living Magazine.

I am a sometimes graduate student.

My 8th-grade yearbook quote said: "I live at the library."

Other facts:

1. The only thing I can cook are Bagel Bites
2. My brother is a Broadway dancer.
3. I own, and dream, of playing a red acordian.
4. I am a recovering reporter.
5. I dance harder than anyone else.
6. I have a deep love for all things kitsch.
7. I especially love Elvis and all Elvis tribute artists.
8. I went to the University of South Carolina.
9. I am a Flordia native.
10. And have lived in the following states and districts: South Carolina, Washington, D.C., Arizona and Alabama.
11. My first concert was Michael Jackson and I cried because I didn't have pierced ears so I couldn't wear a glove earring.
12. Still don't have pierced ears because I am afraid.
13. I wield a mighty red pen. Have AP Stylebook and not afraid to use it.
14. I think Cher gives one of the best live performances, and is hands-down the best music to listen to while working out. Yes, I believe in life after love.
15. I got married under a bare-bottomed pagan statue.
16. I passed geology in college by singing karaoke. The TA was in the bar and gave me an "A." I sang Tom Jones.
17. Speaking of Tom Jones, I adore Las Vegas.
18. I dislike Jimmy Buffet very much.
19. I love documentary films.
20. My Dad went to Woodstock and is still cool.
21. I broke my nose roller skating. When I was 20.
22. I fall asleep very early.
23. And get up very early to cut gardenias from my yard.
24. I still write poetry.
25. Authors are my rock stars.
26. I was once goth.
27. TJ Maxx and its orange stickers fill my Saturdays
28. My teddy bear was and is named Edward for Senator Edward Kennedy.
29. I love Prince.
30. My son was named after a character on "Six Feet Under," though my husband will deny that
31. I get very cranky if I'm not fed.
32. I'm Catholic, hear me roar.
33. I have a collection of Buddhas that live in my bathroom and dining room. My husband says I can't buy any more.
34. I need at least ten hours of sleep/night to function
35. I hate serial commas. Hate them.
36. Also hate people who feel it is necessary to come to a complete stop before making a right turn. Just turn already you fool! (Insert curse words)
37. Do like Everything Bagels.
38. Obsessed with paint, particularly Benjamin Moore
39. Have eyes in the back of my head
40. Re-obsessed with Morrissey after finally seeing him live 15 years after first wanting to
41. Am extremely impatient and demanding
42. And selfish
43. Pay the Hoover/Homewood Library many fines on a regular basis
43. Yeah I'm a mom but I am still a rocker
44. And just figuring out what it means to be all of these things


travel, wine, sushi, documentaries, elvis, pop art, photography, libraries, pugs, toddlers, southern fiction, all things kitsch, malls past and present, taking photos of old signs, fonts, hemingway and fitzgerald, running (or not running), continuing sociologic studies of tj maxxes across the greater southeast, books-on-tape, paint and design of all sorts, spending time with family and especially my son nate